Training for small charities in Nottingham: 9 October 2018

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Nottingham training for small charities

Subsidised training for small charities in Nottingham

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The charity Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) provides free and heavily subsidised training for small charities. You may be aware of our programme of training and conference events across the UK, and our annual “Small Charity Week” campaign which celebrates the work of small charities.

On 9th October 2018, we are delighted to be delivering one of our highly renowned training events in Nottingham. We will provide expert training for small charities, covering key fundraising topics, ultimately enabling them to be more effective and sustainable. Our topics will be:

Developing Your Fundraising Strategy (Full Day): A comprehensive and effective fundraising strategy is at the core of sustainability for any charity. Taking a strategic approach to fundraising will help ensure that your charity has a mixed income approach. Read more here.

Developing Community Fundraising (Full Day): Community fundraising is large audience, lower return fundraising. However, they do bring many other benefits to the organisation e.g. supporter and volunteer recruitment, awareness raising and keeping a profile locally. This course will empower you to mobilise your community around your organisation; to raise funds and awareness; to educate about their cause and campaigns and to recruit new supporters. Read more here.

Fundraising from Trusts & Foundations (Full Day): With an estimated 9,000 independent trusts and foundations in the UK giving £2 billion in grants each year, they are a prime source of funding for your charity. However, it is absolutely vital that you properly prepare your applications, undertake research and develop tailored proposals that meet their specific criteria. This course aims to give participants the essential skills and knowledge they need to develop successful fundraising from trusts and foundations in their charity. Read more here.

Developing Corporate Relationships (Full Day): This course has been designed to help you and your charity understand the opportunities for engaging with and working with companies. The course will look at the different ways in which companies may get involved with charities; whether that be through financial donations, gifts in kind, sponsorship or through employee volunteering. We will also explore the criteria and requirements that corporate supporters will be looking for when choosing which charities to support. You’ll also learn how you can use these to identify and secure support from the companies that have the best fit with your organisation. Read more here.

You do need to be a member of the FSI prior to booking, then you can take advantage of our heavily subsidised prices. Our full day training for small charities have a typical market value of £300, but our members access them for only £15. A deposit is required which is refunded after full attendance and completion of feedback survey.

We look forward to receiving your booking.
The FSI, The Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Square, London N1 6HT


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