Radford Visiting Scheme


Radford Visiting Scheme


We all know that volunteering provides you with many physical and mental benefits. If you live in or near ‪Radford, Nottingham,‬ we have the perfect volunteering opportunity for you! You could help Radford Visiting Scheme with many varied tasks. We’re especially looking for management committee members. By helping us, you will not only benefit isolated older people living in the Radford area, you’ll also get the feel-good mood that volunteering brings!

Please call 0115 9701722 for more information.

Radford Visiting Scheme management Committee
Come and join us – we’re a friendly bunch!

A Befriending Scheme for older people in the Radford area

Radford Visiting Scheme is a local charity that aims to improve the quality of life for people who are isolated and vulnerable due to old age, illness or disability. We visit older people in their homes by providing them with a volunteer visitor for friendship and support. We also organise shopping trips, outings and disseminate relevant information. Alongside this, we run a Health Awareness Project where we organise physical activities, talks and speakers. We also distribute Newsletters on a quarterly basis.

Why our Community needs Radford Visiting Scheme

Radford Visiting Scheme reduces isolation and loneliness amongst the elderly, and potentially helps them to remain in their homes for longer than they would otherwise. We “Capacity Build” our volunteers enabling them to access employment and training opportunities. Radford Visiting Scheme increases social participation of Asian women and other excluded marginalised groups into mainstream activities. This builds up social and community cohesion. The work of our Scheme also reduces health inequalities and increases health awareness.

Our impact on our community

Over the past year Radford Visiting Scheme has arranged, organised and supported 15 volunteer visitors. We also organised 4 shopping trips, 2 walks (the photograph shows a walk for older men we arranged in Belper), 4 yoga sessions, 7 newsletters (1 of which was about mental health awareness and depression) and a trip to Skegness. We are looking forward to many more events this coming year.

For more information

Please call 0115 9701722, and follow Radford Visiting Scheme on Twitter RVSFriendship @RVS9701722.

Radford Visiting Scheme

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