Pete RG and Pearl Jam drummer launch UK tour in Nottingham

Pete RG is delighted to launch his tour in Nottingham

Renowned indie rocker Pete RG launches UK tour with original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen (Hall Of Fame Inductee) at the helm

Critically acclaimed Indie Rocker ‘Pete RG’ is known for bringing fans on a musical voyage that traverses genres, styles and influences to create a sound that is uniquely his own. But now, with the impending release of ‘Whatever We Want, Whenever We Want’, this modern-day troubadour will be taking his music to the U.K., on his much-anticipated autumn tour.

The name “Pete RG” is taken from his childhood moniker, Argy, an abbreviation of his lengthy, Greek last name, Argyropoulos. After being the lead singer and principal songwriter of the band Last December, he embarked upon a solo career and Pete RG was born.

Featuring Original Pearl Jam Drummer and Hall of Fame Inductee Dave Krusen on drums, RG has just completed a U.S. tour and will kick off the U.K. tour on November 7 with a show in Nottingham.

“We’re excited to head to the U.K.,” said RG. “Fans can expect a lot of new music from our forthcoming album ‘Whatever We Want, Whenever We Want’, as well as some even newer songs that we haven’t recorded yet.  We like to test and refine songs in front of a crowd before recording them. Audiences are very honest.  Plus, it puts some hair on your chest, as a band; except for Brina, of course!”

In conjunction with the tour, RG is also releasing the first single from the new album on October 5. Entitled “Watching The River Go By,” RG describes it as a “loungey, rock track that juxtaposes a chill bass-driven section one moment with euphoric guitars the next; all in support of a lyric struggling with the extreme discourse of our time”.

RG is also backed by bassist Adam Kury, currently in ’90s Platinum-Selling Band Candlebox and formerly in Last December, Lead Guitarist Kevin Haaland, formerly in Platinum and Double-Platinum-Selling Rock Band Skillet, and Keyboardist and Esteemed Engineer Brina Kabler.

The official tour starts in Nottingham on November 7th at Rough Trade.

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